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Getting Started

Security Enrollment Process

Changing Your Password, Phrase/Image, or Challenge Questions

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With Online Banking from Hawaii Federal Credit Union, you can access all of your HFCU accounts from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. All you need is Internet access and you’ve got immediate online access to your accounts.

This instruction guide will take you step-by-step through Online Banking enrollment. The help screens should answer most of your questions. But if you need additional help, just call us at (808) 847-1371.

Getting Started
Online Banking lets you access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can transfer money (one-time or recurring), view your account transactions, make loan payments, transfer funds, view prior statements, apply for a loan, and much more.



Once you’re connected to the Internet, type the following address in the address field (make sure the field is blank before you begin typing):
www.hawaiifcu.org. Press enter.


At the HFCU Home Page, enter your User ID in the box and click Log-in.


At the next screen, enter your Password and click “Sign-in.”

FIRST TIME USERS: your password was provided to you by a Member Service Representative when you signed up. Also, as a security measure you will be required to change your Password at the end of the log-in process.




The next few screens will guide you through the enhanced security enrollment process. Because the protection of your financial information and the security of your online transactions are very important to us, we have added a new security feature called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA will help protect you from fraudulent online activities like phishing, ID theft, and spoofed web sites. Everyone enrolled in Online Banking is required to enroll in MFA. Follow the instructions below to complete MFA enrollment.


Read and accept the disclosure by clicking on “Enroll.”





Type in a text phrase between 6 and 30 characters in the “Your Passphrase” box (this is separate from your password). You can accept the image that is shown or you can click “change image” to select a different image. You can change your Passphrase and/or image at anytime after you enroll. Click the “Next” button to proceed.



Now, select three Challenge Questions and provide your answers. The Challenge Questions are used to verify your identity when the system detects questionable login attempt. You can change your
Challenge Questions and answers after you enroll. You will have to select to “Register” or “Don’t Register” your computer. If you are on a shared or public computer, it is recommended that you click on “Don’t Register it.” Otherwise, you can select “Register it.” Click the “Next” button to proceed.






Finally, confirm your Phrase, Image and Challenge Question selections. You can choose a different Phrase, Image or change your Challenge Questions before you confirm, or you can change them after you finish enrolling. When you click the
“ Finish” button, you will be logged in to your account.


The next time you log in to your account you will see your image and Phrase (your Phrase is different from your Password. The information on the image you chose is your Phrase). This is your assurance that you are on the legitimate HFCU Online Banking website since only you and the credit union knows the image and Phrase you selected.

If you log on from a computer that is different than the computer you used for MFA enrollment, the system will present one of your Challenge Questions.

This is used to verify your identity and to help prevent fraudulent logon attempts. You have the option to register or not register the computer. If you register the computer, you will not be challenged on your next logon.

As a security measure, your account access will be denied if an invalid Password is entered more than three times, or if you fail to answer your Challenge Questions correctly.


WARNING! This product provides information about your financial accounts to anyone who has access to your Account Number and Password. Please exercise caution to keep your Account Number and Password confidential.

Changing Your Password, Phrase/Image, or Challenge Questions

Changing Your Password
Online banking allows you to customize your Password from any computer with Internet access. You will need to select an alphanumeric (letters & numbers) Password that is 7-10 characters in length.

  1. Click on Preferences
  2. Select Change Password.
  3. Enter your old Password.
  4. Enter your new Password (alphanumeric, 7-10 characters in length, case sensitive text).
  5. Re-enter your new Password in the Confirm New Password field.
  6. Click Change Password.
  7. A Confirmation page will be displayed.

Changing Your Phrase/Image and/or Challenge Questions

  1. Click on Preferences.
  2. Click on Security Settings.
  3. Click Change Your Phrase/Image or Change Your Challenge Questions & Answers.

    a. Change your Phrase and/or image. When you click on the link, the next screen will show you your current Phrase and Image. To change your Phrase, just type in a new phrase. Click “change image” to select a new image. Click “next”. Review your changes and click “Save”.

    b. Change your Challenge Questions & Answers. When you click the link, the next screen will display your current questions and answers. Make your changes and click Save. Review your changes and click Save again.

  4. A confirmation page will be displayed.

If you need additional help, call us 847-1371, option 3 during normal business hours.

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