Savings Accounts

Membership Savings Account
A Savings Account is also called a Share Account to serve as a reminder to members that they own a share of Hawaii Federal Credit Union. Anyone can open a Savings Account with a minimum deposit of $30, which then makes them eligible for many other HFCU products and services.

Kid's Club Account
The Kid's Club Account is a great way to teach keiki the importance of savings and finances. With a minimum deposit of just $5, kids can earn interest on their money and watch it grow! Kid's Club Account holders also receive a birthday card each year, a quarter coin saver, membership card, and other special gifts.

Christmas Savings Account
Through the Christmas Savings Account, account holders can deduct a specified amount from their payroll each pay period and deposit it directly into this account. The account earns interest at competitive rates to help prepare for the annual Holiday shopping.

Checking Accounts

No Fee Checking
The No-Fee Checking Account requires no minimum balance, incurs no monthly fees, provides unlimited check writing, and offers the initial ATM card at no charge. Account holders receive FREE checks with Direct Deposit of Payroll. This account does not earn interest.

Preferred Management Account
The Preferred Management Account, also known as a Money Market Account, helps members achieve their savings goals. A minimum balance of $500 is required to earn dividends, which are paid monthly. The account features money market rates and tiered dividend rates that are based upon the account balance.

High Yield Checking
The High Yield Checking account features no monthly fee with a minimum Average Daily Balance of $1,000. Dividends are paid monthly when the Average Daily Balance is maintained. The account holder receives FREE checks with a Direct Deposit of Payroll and an initial ATM card at no cost.

Visa Check Card
Leave your cash and checkbook at home. Enjoy the convenience of using a Visa Check Card instead. Use your Visa Check Card to make purchases anywhere you see the Visa logo. Funds are electronically drawn from your checking account at the checkout counter. You can even get cash over the purchase amount whenever you run your card through a self-service card reader to do a transaction. It' s easier and faster, too!

What' s more, your Visa Check Card can be used at First Hawaiian Bank ATMs, Kalabash ATMs or any ATM displaying the Plus or Exchange logos. Think of it as the card that does it all, because in addition to using it to make purchases and get additional cash, you can still use it like an ATM card.

Investment Accounts

Investment Certificates
Investment certificates are popular and profitable, especially if you are looking to grow your wealth. Members deposit their funds in a certificate for a specific period of time, which will earn a high rate of interest.

Individual Retirement Account (I.R.A.)
It's never too early to plan for your retirement! Our IRAs feature outstanding rates, and your funds will grow, tax-deferred, making it an essential part of your long-term savings portfolio. A Traditional IRA offers tax-deferred earning and the possibility of tax-deductible contributions. A Roth IRA is funded by contributions that are not tax-deductible, but it provides members with the opportunity to withdraw funds that are tax-free. The Education IRA allows parents and others an annual maximum deposit of $500 per year to be used for educational purposes like tuition and books. These earnings can grow tax-free if you meet the income requirements. Limitations follow the standard IRS regulations.

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